What is behind your anxiety?

What is behind your anxiety?


Good morning, a former student, Helen Waters, wrote this insightful passage and gave permission to share it.

Her message addresses the false divisions based upon fear that have been brought to the forefront by current events.   Please comment!


Right now I think it’s like this:

If you’re at all aware and honest with yourself, you know you never really ever get to know anything. Not for sure.
And that not getting to know causes a certain kind of dread.
And that dread causes anxiety.
Whatever anxiety looks like for you.

Maybe your thoughts race, or you speak harshly to yourself in your mind, or you can’t focus on one task, or one person, for too long, or you can’t sleep, or you’re depressed, or you get angry, or frustrated.

And we’re all of us trying to escape our versions of anxiety, because no one wants to feel that way for too long, sitting with all that anxiety, because of the dread.
The dread of knowing that you never get to know.

And so we try for some control. Maybe you drink, or smoke pot, or gamble, or watch sports, or porn, or work out, or go to church, or you work a lot, or you hit things, or buy things, or you lie, or cause drama.
Whatever it is you do to try to control things, to mask the anxiety caused by The Dread of Never Getting to Know, which is, you know, the ultimate of lack of control.

Except… we have free will, the ability to choose what we think. And if when you’re feeling anxiety, in any form, you could have a certain Relentless Kindness toward yourself, and remind yourself that it’s just a Natural Reaction to the dread, and part of the Human Condition, it can pass pretty quickly.

And if you could have the grace to remember that every single other human is going through the exact same thing, and that they need your relentless kindness when you’re done giving it to yourself, well, that’s the start of some kind of peace.