A Prayer for Rejuvenation

A Prayer for Rejuvenation

Costa Rica

Creator of the Universe

What does it mean to live?

You share, you get over the fear of revealing your true self.


What would I have of value to share?

What you have learned.

Quiet, listening to silence, embracing truth sordid and sublime. People get lost in circulation destroying trauma: stagnated, withdrawn, hopeless, depressed, and isolated.


A smile cracks the darkness, shining light on a preposterous choice to live tethered to leaden thoughts. Doomed to play in one tragedy after another, the villain and the vilified, performed exquisitely oblivious to deceptions and impending humiliation the whole world could predict.


I can promise to love my Maker, life and this world. Human declarations of never, forever, always, until the end can sustain what is best for both. Selfish focus breaks the covenant leaving the other as a branch, dangling from the tree of life. With love, the branch can graft to the tree and produce new fruit or the connection to life so severed no love flows. It withers to die. 

Graft my tattered life back to Source. My thoughts, words and deeds have maintained a crippling wound. Please heal my heart, allow your loving connection to flow through my being to live passionately again, turn my thoughts always to gratitude, my words to love, and my life to service.


Be brave, know the love within and show your Self!


Cindi Leveridge, MA, LPC

Wake Up to Joy Counseling