What can we do to feel more connected?

What can we do to feel more connected?

Our culture’s cruel directive to seek self-worth outside ourselves makes real self-evaluation a fearful prospect. We feel alone, isolated and depressed. Running from ourselves rather than making time to honestly reflect upon our thoughts and behaviors in order to choose how to act rather than react to life. We over-schedule, hiding our needs and inability to accept love behind masks of coolness or sophistication. We can become experts in denial perpetuating the illusion of separateness. Through the lens of futility, we can immerse ourselves in hopelessness living like fish in water. We fool the world and ourselves while feeling desperately isolated. Admitting that we need help can be very difficult.

We cannot know exactly what people we encounter in our day are going through. What can be done to prevent someone from deciding to give up on life? Sometimes, nothing will stop a person determined to end their life and the fallout of heartbreak is far-reaching. Pain and living are not synonymous. Pain is a messenger that something in life needs to change.

Each one of us has the power to shine and reflect the shine of those we meet. This is something we can do to help eliminate the illusion of being alone, unloved, and without options to live abundantly. Making connection is choice, a spark of courage to confidently share that we are all valuable. We can remember to smile, to break down imaginary barriers and reflect the wonder and value of living back to people we meet.

The kindness of friends, family, and chance encounters might be a lifeline for the person drowning in hopelessness from negative, self-destructive thinking. This demonstrated care could be the needed redirect to accept love and begin to remember how to receive love from within. Making connection with others is one way to illuminate the self-created deception of separateness and isolation for what it is. We all have our basic needs, feeling appreciated and loved are big factors.

Let’s reach out and connect to help each other enjoy the miracle of life while we ride this mystery Mothership together.

Shine on!