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Our culture encourages success through achievement and seeking approval from others. Therefore, we hold our own opinions as less credible.  Modern life is disconnected. We get smacked with the unexpected, the denied, and the inevitable we have brilliantly evaded. There are so many feelings that impede our thinking, emotions, and in turn, our lives. Feeling isolated, sad, overwhelmed, afraid, confused, and indecisive is a slippery slope to immobilizing despair and depression. Relational counseling offers connection and hope.

The tools, patterns, and reactions we learned in childhood are usually ineffective for solving today’s dilemmas. Many of us have been taught a generational legacy of shame for our feelings. The message comes through as, “don’t feel” or  “don’t let me see how you feel.” It makes sense that we would not know how to give unconditional love and acceptance if we never experienced what that feels like. It can be extremely difficult to identify the emotionally driven, compulsive behaviors that generate chaos and unhappiness in our lives as we live immersed in the resulting consequences like fish in water. I know the raw, vulnerable feeling, and courage it takes to ask for help.

Cindi Leveridge MA LPC

Relational Counseling in San Marcos, Texas

The reason you are considering therapy at this particular time is unique. Yet, we all face difficulties. Wake Up to Joy Counseling in San Marcos, Texas is a safe place to to explore and dispute self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors so that they no longer keep you stuck. Speaking your truth without feeling judged is therapeutic. In therapy you are encouraged to learn skills, to develop awareness, and to thoughtfully examine your perceptions.

In relational counseling you set the goals and the pace. I collaborate with you to access the answers that are within you. Prioritizing self-awareness and self-compassion allows you to access strengths you already possess to face what is going on in your life. We consider alternative perspectives to broaden possibilities. You discover and develop new abilities so that you are able to act rather than react to life.

We give ourselves permission to make mistakes. Surprisingly, we can then delight in experiencing ourselves as part of an interconnected humanity that learns by living. Reconnecting with  and embracing all aspects of yourself, your authentic-self, liberates natural vitality and joy. Self-acceptance and self-confidence provide clarity to choose empowering habits that lead to better living.

Wake Up to Joy Counseling in San Marcos Texas

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I congratulate you for moving toward an abundant life!

Wake Up to Joy Counseling is nestled in the historic neighborhood west of Texas State University.

Location:  705 W. Hopkins St. San Marcos, Texas

 Free parking is available in front of the building.

Come in and have a seat in the lobby or on the bench outside. I will greet you at your scheduled appointment time!

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